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FLAME Conference is thrilled to provide a space for new, up-and-coming presenters to be seen and heard by our community through our New Presenter Showcase. This event is an opportunity for mentorship and feedback to be provided to our next generation of talented educators.


The Showcase will take place on Sunday February 21, 2021 starting at 11:00am Pacific.


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Adaya Adler


Adaya Adler originally hails from Chicagoland. She is a polyam, domme, who discovered the non-monogamous community 14 years ago. She would later become active and involved in the kink community. Previously, Adaya lead discussion groups on feminism and being a switch in the leather community.

Recently obtaining her master’s degree in psychology, she is focused on eliminating harassment and abuse in the alt-sex community.




Hochibound has been exploring the BDSM scene since 2015 and since the very beginning, BDSM has been a journey of self-development and personal expression. As an award winning burlesque artist in North America (2020 Miss Burlesque North America Rising Star Grand Champion) and as a showgirl and rope performer (Nuit des Cordes 2019, Ropes Will Fly 2019), she uses BDSM themes to excite the audience and make them think. She specializes in the nuances of where different disciplines cross and where the gaps in knowledge appears. She is well known for combining different types of play and mediums of expression to create something novel and for connecting D/s and power exchange themes from the little known viewpoints as someone who has experience in all roles, partnered and unpartnered. Come play and learn with her!

Cody Coyote.jpg

Cody Coyote


cody coyote (they/them) always had a penchant for kink and leather. they yearned for community to explore their perversions - until they found Queer Leather Association Sacramento (QLAS) in 2018. Since becoming a pledge and a full member, they find joy through service by facilitating the club’s education and board meetings and as the club’s Theirstorian. An academic to the core, cody recently started combining their passions for leather, kink, literature, and education into classes to share with the broader community. they are regarded as a young and promising educator and have presented for QLAS, The Ravyns Nest, and Pragmatic Kink.  cody coyote is also the online facilitator for Sac Area Bootlab and Cigar Social and looks forward to lovin’ on boots and leather when it’s safe to do so again. 

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Wiley Wolfe


Mx Wiley Wolfe (she/her/any) is a Professional Dominant and Ethically Polyamorous Primal Wolf Daddy based in Los Angeles. After beginning her BDSM journey in 2016, she trained professionally at Sanctuary Studios LAX as a submissive, Switch, and finally as a Dominant. She was named a DomCon LA Mistress of Ceremonies for 2020 and 2021.  She is now the Co-Founder of SoCal Creatures, an inclusive pet play group; Quench, a monthly LGBTQIA+ munch; and created the Wolfe Academy of Kink, an online kink education series. She often runs kink taster booths and performs at various events, and teaches BDSM workshops with particular focus on deepening intention, risk awareness, hard skills, and full immersion animal play. As a gay genderqueer woman, her driving desire is to foster connection, education, ethics, and expansive inclusiveness in BDSM.




Bi, poly & nerdy, Vixen has been part of the Denver kink/leather/poly community for about 8 years. She's been into kink since stumbling down the rabbit hole 11 years ago. 


An avid volunteer Vixen believes giving back to the community is as important as being part of the community. Volunteers have a big impact in our bdsm/leather communities.


Although extremely socially awkward & shy, Vixen loves meeting people and talking kinks, anatomy & physiology and service amongst other things. You can *usually* find her in a community event volunteering in some capacity.


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Devyn Stone 

Devyn Stone A.K.A. SirHorror (He/Him) is a transgender dominant leatherman. He is a mental health and LGBTQ+ advocate, a BDSM author and educator, and a self-awareness coach. His passions include; protocol, authority transfer, organization, gender and negotiation.

Devyn has actively practiced nonmonogamy and authority transfer since 2004. Today he lives in Dallas, Texas with His property840 that is unquestionably devoted to his will and serves as his useful object. Devyn is the Founder of the DFW munch Pragmatically Kinking where members discuss the practical aspects of BDSM.

Retro Bella.jpg

Retro Bella

Born completely in the wrong year, Retro Bella is a Latina High Femme Master and Leather Woman based out of the San Joaquin valley. Equal parts pearls and kink, Retro Bella is a Dominant energy player with a passion for M/s, heavy impact, high protocol, and mind fuckery. Retro Bella became the President of the valley’s very first girls of Leather chapter, San Joaquin girls of Leather, in 2017. In that same year,  she also created the extremely successful workshop series, “Women Educators in the Valley.” In 2020, she also became the Assistant Director of the MAsT: Bakersfield, Pledge Mistresses of Onyx Pearls: Wild West Elites, and lastly she became co-head of the House of Dark Shadows. Together with her slave boy drake, they've taught for multiple groups on the west coast, rocky mountain region, internationally, and have had the pleasure of sitting on numerous BIPOC speaking panels.

slave lyon.jpg

slave lyon

slave lyon lives in Indianapolis, In with her Master Scott and three beloved fur babies. They have been blessed to travel the country sharing the ups and downs of what they have learned in their relationship with others, while learning just as much as they share. They are involved with MAsT on the local and regional level. They share a great love for a slave girl named reba, and they describe their life together as the filthiest romance never made for tv. They teach on a variety of topics but they enjoy most helping others enhance intimacy through power exchange relationships and mindfulness-based practices. They are honored to have been GLLA M/s 2017. slave lyon in the vanilla world is a professional educator and counselor, so presenting isn’t just a hobby, but encompasses her professional life as well and thus she is very pleased to participate in this year’s FLAME Conference in order to help new presenters get their feet wet.

Sir Daddy Daun.jpg

Sir DaddyDaun

Sir DaddyDaun began Her leather journey in the early 90’s when She followed Her interest in service. Since then, She has served Her communities as a presenter, Den Daddy, mentor, tally Master, stage manager, volunteer, judge, keynote speaker, board member, titleholder and Prince XXXVIII of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court. She is proud to be Northwest Master 2016, International Master 2017, and a staff member for Northwest Leather Celebration. When not presenting or relaxing with Her grandson, She can be found in Her semi-truck with slavegirl j being a professional ‘slave driver.’