Master David - Owner/Producer

Master David is the proud Master of His long-time slave, brynn. He is a leatherman, a sadist, a mentor, and an educator.  He is the co-owner and producer of FLAME Conference. He is a founding co-head of House of Dark Shadows, a Power Exchange focused, multi-ethnic, and pansexual Leather House. He is the founding director of MAsT: Bakersfield, founder of the Bar Card Project.  David is the 2017 Southern California Master, the 2018 Southwest Master and the 2019 International Master. He enjoys using the platform these titles have brought him to travel and present Internationally on a variety of topics he is passionate about and meet new people.  In His free time, Master David enjoys auto racing, football, and smoking a cigar on the patio with his favorite ashtray (brynn) along with a nice glass of scotch.



brynn - Owner/Producer

Brynn identifies as a bisexual, femme, leather girl, little, and bootblack. she is honored to be in loving service to her Master, Master David, for over 7 years. Together, they serve as your 2019 International Master and slave titleholders.  Brynn is the founding secretary/treasurer of San Joaquin girls of Leather and the secretary of MAsT: Bakersfield.  she is a founding member of the House of Dark Shadows, a Power Exchange focused, multi-ethnic, and pansexual Leather House. Along with Master David, she is the Co-producer of FLAME Conference, a three-day entirely online educational event taking place yearly in February. Brynn was honored to be the keynote speaker at Pandemonium in the Prairies in 2019, and she enjoys traveling the country presenting on a range of topics surrounding Master/slave and authority transfer dynamic. Currently, Brynn resides in California with her Master, and her ever-growing collection of stuffies. she enjoys reading, cooking, football, and traveling.



Bri Burning.jpg

Bri Burning - Accessibility Lead

Bri Burning (she/her and they/them) is your International Person of Leather 2020 and Northwest Person of Leather 2019! In 2019, She was awarded the Pantheon of Leather Northern California award. They are femme, queer, gender queer, leather, slave, and baby girl identified person. She has been active in the SF Bay Area BDSM and Leather community since 2010, where her journey started at SF Citadel as a service submissive to the club. Her passion for her community grew with hosting events and bringing people together. In 2015, she started teaching on BDSM, relationships, and communication, discovering just how passionate she is about education. They have taught at NWLC, Sin in the City, Dark Odyssey Surrender, Revelry, IMsLBB, and many other conferences as a nationally recognized presenter. She is the moderator of SF Submissive Safe Space and a leader of Submissive Girls Night Out. Their passion in kink and leather education continuously grows in topics such as self-care, power exchange, age play, and service—which she spreads like glitter!


Wrath Daddy Diversity Lead.jpg

Wrath Daddy - Diversity Lead

WrathDaddy is the 2019 and 2020 Heartland Person of Leather, a horror and erotica author, former heavyweight kickboxing champion, former MMA trainer, former owner and proprietor of The Bacchanal, and a badass motherfucker who enjoys doing badass shit with other badass motherfuckers. WrathDaddy has been a full-time and active member of Austin’s BDSM community since 2013, though he has been in and out of the kink community since 1991. Since then he has been a board member at large for GWNN (Group With No Name) one of Austin's oldest and largest BDSM groups, from 2015 through 2016, co-chairman of the GWNN Bash in 2015 and 2016, a mentor in the Austin Mentor's Program, and has presented workshops for SAADE and other local and national groups on topics ranging from the Daddy Dom/ baby girl dynamic to rough-body play, Diversity and Inclusion, knife-play, and Chokes for Sex and Submission. In 2019 he was a judge for the first Leather Littles competition at Show Me Leather. He is the author of Kinky Adult Bedtime Stories (For littles, babygirls, and bois) and All The Kinky Kinksters From A to Z, as well as the erotic horror novels 400 Days of Oppression, Master of Pain, and the BDSM dark romance novel, Fight For Me.



Jesbian - Fundraising Lead

Jesbian Bagheera is a leather femme dandy. She gets down and dirty at the bootblack stand as a switchy ashtray in her backyard. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass, she is volunteering for different organizations virtually. She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. She previously held the title International Little Miss Little 2014. She was also Ms. California Leather 2017.


slavegirl j.jpg

slavegirl j - Moderator Lead

slavegirl j was raised in the Leather community by queer, kinky, POC parents which cultivated a   connection to service.  she expresses this by serving at her Master, Sir DaddyDaun's, side as Northwest slave 2016 and International slave 2017, and a member of the HardPink Sisterhood as well as Ms Rhonda's assistant for Northwest Leather Celebration. girl j is also passionate about sharing how she navigates serving her Master who is both an elder of the community and has Multiple Sclerosis. When not presenting or being volun-told for something, slavegirl j can be found traveling the lower 48 states in her Master’s semi truck, crocheting her days away with T/their dog Zach and T/their cat Spirit.


Retro Bella.jpg

Retro Bella - Presenters Liaison

Born completely in the wrong year, Retro Bella is a Latina High Femme Master and Leather Woman based out of the San Joaquin valley. Equal parts pearls and kink, Retro Bella is a Dominant energy player with a passion for M/s, heavy impact, high protocol, and mind fuckery. Retro Bella became the President of the valley’s very first girls of Leather chapter, San Joaquin girls of Leather, in 2017. In that same year,  she also created the extremely successful workshop series, “Women Educators in the Valley.” In 2020, she also became the Assistant Director of the MAsT: Bakersfield, Pledge Mistresses of Onyx Pearls: Wild West Elites, and lastly she became co-head of the House of Dark Shadows. Together with her slave boy drake, they've taught for multiple groups on the west coast, rocky mountain region, internationally, and have had the pleasure of sitting on numerous BIPOC speaking panels.


Dawn Social Media Lead.JPG

Dawn - Social Media Lead

Dawn (she/her) is a lifestyle dominant, with a passion for all things sharp & shiny, education, and improving community accessibility. She's an active participant in her home community, but has had opportunities to learn, teach, and play in multiple communities around the world.


Echo Vendor Coord med res.jpg

Echo Gaston - Vendor Coordinator

Slave echo (she/her) has been in service to Master Beast for more than 5 years. She identifies as a switch and is a skilled rope and needle top, and specializes in intense mind-fuck scenarios. As a bottom, her favorites are rope, needles, stingy impact, and cigar play. Slave echo is the Colorado slave titleholder for 2019 and 2020, and is very active in her local kink community. She is a skilled presenter, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through classes, demos, intensives, and local and national events. As a native of England, and newly sworn in citizen, she brings a unique perspective, as well as that sexy accent. Slave Echo is one of the two co-founders of Denver Ms Kinky Scouts, a group that empowers non-male self-identifying people through monthly meetings and classes on both kink and vanilla topics where they can earn merit badges to add to their sashes. She is passionate about sharing communication and conflict resolution techniques as they have been invaluable in her own journey through M/s dynamics, motherhood, personal and professional relationships.



Tuesday's Photo.jpg

Tuesday Niles - Assistant Accessibility Lead

Tuesday Niles, a Deaf Leather woman and Little who has been actively engaged in the Leather and Kink community for over 13 years.  She is actively involved in several parts of her community as she currently serves her Leather family, President of LAGoL/WiLLA, Los Angeles Littles Scouts 323 Co-Leader, and Accessibility Coordinator to Threshold and the most recent addition to Flame. Tuesday biggest values align with inclusion and accessibility within her community and she actively works hard to reach out, educate and role models positive resolutions in obtaining accessibility locally, regionally and internationally. 

MrL. Vendor Assist med res.jpg

Mr Ladybug - Vendor Assistant

MrLadybug or MrL (for short) (She/Her or They/Them) She is a queer Leather, sadistic Daddy, who loves to dominate a good conversation or scene. She has been an active member of the Kink, queer, and Leather community for about a decade, alongside her life partner and wife, Fionna. They can often be seen Co-Topping or showing off their toy bag. She enjoys heavy impact scenes and bondage! MrL grew up in the Bay Area but her kink journey started in northern California (Chico) and has moved to Boise, Idaho, where she has been active in the community for over 5 years now. She has been blessed to have traveled to various areas and states over the years while expanding her network and helping the community every chance she gets. From running a play space, hosting and co-hosting munches and sloshes, to producing and co-producing educational intensives,  MrL is passionate about the lifestyle and is always looking for opportunities to give back. Her projects include a Lending Library for the Boise Area, bringing people together and giving back with the Alternative Collective, a local Leather house that she is a proud member of, supporting the local MAsT group, and presenting, just to name a few. MrL is always learning and looking forward to the next opportunity.

Tomo color cropped med.jpg

Tomo - Webmaster

Tomo (She/Her) is a butch leatherdyke who found the leather community during a sunset motorcycle ride with her life partner Mel over 25 years ago and has presented classes, produced events, served as a judge, keynote speaker, and emcee at leather events since. Tomo has been served by her boy levi for over 10 years and fulfilled to be a part of a chosen leather family.  As a supporter of many in the leather community, she is often endearingly called Daddy Tomo.  She is a Producer of Northwest Leather Celebration, the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack, Northwest Person of Leather, and Ms Sacramento Leather Contests.   Tomo served as Northwest slave 2015 and International slave 2016.  She was a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend for seven years and is a founding member of the D.U.C.  Tomo is the Director of MAsT: Sacramento, is a member and serves as Webmaster for Queer Leather Association Sacramento, is the West Coast Curator for the Leather Quilt Project, and is a member of MAsT: San Francisco, and The Exiles. She was awarded the Pantheon of Leather President's Award in 2013 and the Master slave Conference slave Heart Award in 2018.